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Cryogenic Application Support

Safegassystems.com is The GO TO Team for critical cryogenic application support in the USA. Whether you need a fully turnkey solution for your requirements or someone to simply assist you in writing and reviewing RFP's to ensure a successful purchasing event turns into a successful process in your facility.

  1. Cryo-preservation (Freezer Farm) - Safegasssytems.com will assist you with design, sourcing and implementation or a turnkey system if you need it.
  2. Thermal Test Chambers and Thermal Vacuum Chambers - Safegasssytems.com will assist you with the design and implementation of a system to meet your specifications.
  3. Vacuum Insulated Pipe, Phase Separators and LN2 Injectors.
  4. Food and beverage packaging- Today, most packages are inserted with gaseous or liquid based Nitrogen or mixed gas dosing systems.

We will help you find the right gear for your job and work side by side to get it up and running efficiently.

Filling an Open Dewat from a Pressurized Dewar