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Trusted Safety Training

Reduce costs while keeping your employees and inventory secure with training and consulting from Gas & Safety Systems Consulting. Based in Denver, Colorado, we provide comprehensive advisory and educational services to equip you and your employees with essential knowledge regarding the proper use of these important systems.

Training Your Team

Improve worker awareness today with our training. We advise your teams on how to use compressed gas or cryogenic related equipment properly to maximize production while keeping your area and employees protected. This is ideal for companies that have either recently purchased this type of equipment, have been using gases for some time, or have experienced a recent incident relating to this equipment. Our customer base spans a wide range of industries, including:

Carbo Series Family
• Laboratories-Analytical, Environmental and Quality Testing
• Health Care Facilities
• Research Facilities

• Food Processors
• Biotechnology Centers
• Reproductive medicine
• Electronics
• Pharmaceutical

• Cannabis Cultivators & Processors
• Universities
• Manufacturing
• Fire and Police (AHJ)

• Schools
• Governments
• Restaurants
• Breweries

Some of our popular courses include:

• Safe handling of Compressed
• The Inner World of Cryogenics
• Working with ODH
(Oxygen Deficient Hazard)
• Gas Analysis Strategies
• Carbon Dioxide Safety for Restaurants
• Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen
Safety for Breweries
• Oxygen Safety
• Pumping High Pressure Gases
from Cryogenic Sources
• Carbon Dioxide Safety for
Cannabis Culitvators
• Gas Detection Calibration and
Bump testing

• Hydrocarbon Safety for Cannabis Extractors and Processors
• Liquid Oxygen Safety
• Transfilling of Hydrocarbons
• And much much more
Disposable Oxygen Cylinders

Training courses are available for anyone who wants to know more about the gases and systems they use.  They are highly recommended for the following groups:

• Operators of any gas/cryogenic or gas detection system
• Gas and welding supply distribution companies
• AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction)
• Safety managers and Trainers

Code Training

Let our trainers help your company reduce injuries, accidents, and waste. We train your associates for codes including NFPA 50, NFPA 58, NFPA 55, and NFPA 99, as well as international fire code (IFC2015) as it pertains to compressed gases, cryogenics and gas detection. Our team will help you keep your operations up to the most recent revision of all applicable codes. This also helps to ensure that you have selected the proper equipment for your process. That your associates are trained in proper use of equipment and, more importantly, ongoing protection in a gas-rich environment.

Follow-Up Visits

At our company, we want to be sure that you are fully satisfied with our services. We also want our clients to be up to date on everything they need to know to be safe and effective. To that end, we provide follow-up visits to your facility to see that everything is operating to its full potential according to the needs of your applications.

Cryogenically Frozen Samples

Contact us to stay safe and maximize productivity with our gas system safety consulting and training.